Biotechnology and todays food

Modern biotechnology refers to various scientific techniques used to produce specific desired traits in plants, animals or microorganisms through the use of genetic knowledge. Latest technology emerged in the research field of food science that incorporates the modern methods and technology advancements in food processing and preservation without compromising the nutritious value of the food and thus maintaining its quality for a longer time by increasing its shelf life of a food product. The field mainly focuses on the producing a new variety or hybrids simply by incorporating the gene manipulation techniques in the field of food science both in plants and animals as well. Best out of the raw materials are chosen and thus manipulated as desired products. Engineered foods sever as a major nutrient source for treating the anemic and mal nutrition in the world population. FDA approves Good Manufacturing Practices and Principles in producing a new food product and thus evaluation plays a major role in them before packing and marketing. 

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