Molecular Food and Nutrition

Energy is a science that includes the investigation of substance response rates and instruments. Chemical reactions occur in foods during food processing and food storage. A few responses result in a quality misfortune and must be limited, while others result in the development of a coveted flavor or shading and must be streamlined to acquire the best item quality. A comprehension of response components combined with evaluation of rate constants will encourage the choice of the best states of a procedure or capacity, all together that the coveted attributes will be available in the item. A major goal for the food scientist is the prediction of the change in quality of a particular food as a function of both time and environmental conditions. In addition, kinetic modelling is also useful for the nutritionist, to study the kinetics of changes during digestion and assimilation in the body (bioavailability).  The application of kinetics in reactor engineering and inactivation of some physical reactions in sustenance is the most concentrated parts of today’s research in food.

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