Processed and unprocessed foods: health implications

Food processing is a technique implemented to convert the raw materials into the finished or consumable product which is well cooked and well preserved eatables for both animals and humans. Best quality harvested, slaughtered and butchered and clean constituents are used by food processing industry to manufacture very nutritious and easy to cook food products. Salting, sugaring, drying, freezing, smoking, vacuum packs and pickling are some techniques and methods used to convert food into processed or preserved food. Preservation process mainly includes heating or boiling to destroy micro-organisms, oxidation, toxic inhibition, dehydration or drying, osmotic inhibition, freezing, a sort of cold pasteurization which destroys pathogens and various combinations of all these methods. As progression in the field of food science research the traditional methods are replaced by the modern industrial techniques but still any technique that’s followed should be able to  Maintain or create nutritional value, texture and flavor is an important aspect of food preservation.

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