Speaker Biography

Dr. Anil Kumar Chauhan

Prof. Chauhan obtained Ph.D. in Dairy Science and Technology. Currently, Dr. Chauhan working as Coordinator and Professor (Food Technology) at Centre of Food Science and Technology, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Banaras Hindu University and also Director of Centre of Advanced Faculty Training (CAFT- Food Processing) ICAR, Gov. of India, BHU Centre. Dr. Chauhan is President of AFST (I), Varanasi chapter and life member of different professional scientific societies as well as secretary general International College of Nutrition Alberta (Canada).  Dr. Chauhan also had been a visiting scientist in University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Wageningen University and PTC+ Oenkerk, The Netherlands. Dr. Chauhan also acts as a Chaired and Co-Chaired the Scientific Technical Committee in various International and National conferences at Malaysia, Thailand, Budapest, (Hungry) and National University Fiji etc. He has over 100 publications that have been cited over 223 times.



The developed sugar free biscuit was fortified with fenugreek seed powder and stevia was used as the natural sweetener. The functional component of fenugreek seed powder is trigonelline which is helpful in the production of insulin. In the present research work, 31 trials were performed by taking four factors Viz. Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP), Stevia, Butter, and Fenugreek seed powder and responses were analysed by using Response Surface methodology (RSM) for optimization of developed sugar free biscuits. The composition for manufacturing of sugar free biscuits was 0.5 g to 6.5g SMP, 0.5g to 5.5 g stevia, 10 to 50 g butter and fenugreek seed powder 0.5 to 6.5%. Taking into account, these four factors were optimized by using RSM. The optimized parameters for developed sugar free biscuits includes SMP (1.7727 %), Stevia (4.3485 %), Butter (37.8788 %) and fenugreek seed powder (0.5 %). After optimization of sugar free biscuit, diameter, thickness and spread ratio was recorded as 5.04 cm, 0.82 cm, and 4.92 cm respectively. The final optimized product contains carbohydrate (76.75 %), protein (5.90 %), fat (14.85), ash (~ 1%), moisture (4%) and crude fiber (1.5 %). The colour of sugar free biscuit was recorded by hunter colour flex and the L*, a*, b*, value was 46.40, 12, 20.29, respectively. Fortified sugar free biscuits and refined wheat flour were analysed for pasting properties of starch, gelatinization of starch, peak and final viscosity. Developed sugar free biscuit was rich in calcium and magnesium and their concentration were observed as 294.8mg/100g and 451.5mg/100g respectively by ion chromatography. Atomic absorption spectroscopy of developed sugar free biscuits was also performed for mineral analysis and reported that it contains iron (1.93mg/100g), copper (0.065mg/100g), and zinc (0.325 mg/100g).